#ImAGameChanger - Rogan Zangari

By: USA Games Correspondent, Tynan Gable

This week’s nominee for the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games #ImAGameChanger campaign is Alexander Rogan Zangari (“Rogan”). Though just weeks away from his graduation from Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington, Rogan doesn’t let anything distract from his exceptional game-changing attitude.

Rogan’s game changer story started early in his junior year of high school; in the Fall of 2016. With no prior experience whatsoever interacting with people with disabilities, he approached a student with severe autism, curled up in a ball on a dog bed on the floor in the corner of a classroom, and taught him how to fly a paper airplane.

“Rogan instantly showed that he has a wholehearted gift for engaging both typically developing children and differently abled children,” said Susan Jones, Rogan’s mother.

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