#ImAGameChanger - Carson Libby

by: usa games correspondent, tynan gable

Game Changers truly do come in all shapes and sizes. This week’s nominee for the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games #ImAGameChanger campaign is just 12 years old, but he is wise well beyond his years. Dr. Seuss had it right: “A Game Changer is a Game Changer, no matter how small.”

Carson Libby is from the town of Albertville, Minnesota, where he attends school at St. Michael-Albertville Middle School West. He lives with his parents, Aimee and Chad, and his older sister, Peyton.

Peyton endured an injury at birth that caused disabilities which inhibit her fine and gross motor skills as well as her verbal and written communication abilities. It’s clear that Carson takes on a big brother role at times, making sure Peyton knows that home is a safe place where she should always feel welcome and included.

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