#ImAGameChanger - Antrone Williams

By: USA Games Correspondent, Tynan Gable

The #ImAGameChanger campaign of the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games recognizes people from all walks of life who make an impact in the lives of those with intellectual disabilities. Despite these heroes’ diversity, each of the nominees demonstrates astounding strength, courage, and will power. These traits are put to good use by Game Changers, who exude an unwavering kindness and promote inclusion and friendship in their communities.

This week’s nominee is no different; Antrone (“Coach Juice”) Williams is a stroke survivor with an inspiring story and the desire to change peoples’ lives for the better. Almost ten years ago, Antrone suffered a stroke that nearly ended his life. After waking from ten days in a coma, he spent the next two months in the hospital.

He was enrolled in an experimental drug therapy treatment that was predicted to give him a 50% chance of survival and promised nothing regarding his future quality of life. In addition, he had to relearn how to walk, talk, and do many activities that most of us take for granted.

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