#ImAGameChanger - Mary Ward Lupinacci


Most people who have ever taken a yoga class would agree that the completion of a good, long session of down-dogging, tree posing, and “ommmm”-ing is good for the body, mind, and soul.

Count Mary Ward Lupinacci in that group. Lupinacci is a teacher, counselor, and yoga instructor. As she taught, counseled, and instructed people in the finer points of yoga, she reached a point where she realized that some of the things that yoga and mindfulness impart on people might be particularly valuable for kids with intellectual disabilities or simply kids who were facing challenges in certain areas of their lives.

From that realization, Be Still Kids was born. Be Still Kids is a Spokane, Washington based program that aims to make all kids healthier and help them use yoga to develop the skills and discipline necessary to take on the not always simple task of being a kid.

“She thought it made sense to have a place where kids could do that with other kids without the isolation and separating out that can tend to happen when we have programs that differentiate,” said her husband John Lupinacci. “She wanted to find a way to have yoga and mindfulness as a day-to-day practice contribute to what inclusion means in a community.”

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