Gymnastics Volunteers

Use the following information to learn more about the details of your volunteer position.  

Job Descriptions

Gymnastics volunteers will support the gymnastics competition by welcoming athletes as they arrive on their bus and support them as they load buses for departure. They will assist with team check-in each morning prior to competition.   Volunteers will be escorting athletes from the warm-up area to the competition area, assist in perimeter control and guest services.  You may also be asked to assist in keeping athlete competition and staging areas tidy and organized and assist in honored guest and volunteer lounge areas as well.



SPU Parking - Click Map to Download

SPU Parking - Click Map to Download

Royal Brougham Pavilion

3414 3rd Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119

Parking is available at Seattle Pacific University in the Ross Lot across the street from the Royal Brougham Pavilion.  Click on the map above for additional details.

Volunteers are encouraged to take public transportation.