Closing Ceremony Volunteers

Use the following information to learn more about the details of your volunteer position.  


Job Descriptions

Closing Ceremony

Volunteers for the Closing Ceremony can expect controlled chaos as we plan to close the USA Games with a festival style event complete with stage show, food trucks, roving entertainment and athletes intermingling with the crowd. 

Many volunteers at South Lake Union Park will be engaged with crowd management and perimeter control ensuring that athletes stay safely within the bounds of the park.  In addition, volunteers will greet the buses as they arrive with the athletes, assist the athletes in getting off the buses and making their way to the park area.  In reverse, volunteers will be supporting the loading of buses after the ceremony.

Volunteers will also be an integral part in supporting the production crew, talent and VIP area.  Volunteers will be engaged in the Green Team to promote tri-sort of waste and recycling and support the food truck area.

There are two shifts of volunteers for the Closing Ceremony.  Some of you will be early pre-production teams setting up the park. Others will assist during the event and in post event tear down.

Closing Ceremony FAQ

Can I bring my dog?

This event will not be appropriate for dogs as it will be very crowded and you will likely need both hands to perform your job.  It’s also possible that some athletes may have an aversion to dogs or the opposite, they may cause a cute distraction that would detract from the programming of the event.  Please tell your pups they are welcome at South Lake Union most other times.

Where should I park?

Please plan to use alternative modes of transportation to access So. Lake Union Park.  You can use the Link Light Rail to Downtown Seattle and then ride the trolley from Westlake Center to So. Lake Union.  You can request free codes to ride LimeBike to the park, walk from one of the many downtown parking garages or bring a Lyft to the event.


What is the timing of the event?

Athletes will begin arriving at approximately 6pm, the ceremony will begin at 7:00pm and is scheduled to end at 9:00pm. Your shift will end as soon as all the athletes have cleared the park or if you are in the tear-down crew, as soon as the park is clear.  You should plan to arrive and check in for your shift at your scheduled time.

Where do I check in for my shift?

Check in for your shift at the volunteer tent which will be centrally located at the park and well-marked.

What should I bring?

Bring as little as possible and plan to carry any valuables with you for the duration of the evening.  Feel free to use your volunteer string backpack.  There will be no secure place to lock up your valuables on site and the park is open to the public.

Will there be food and beverages for volunteers?

There will be plenty of water and some snacks.  We are not planning to provide a meal for volunteers unless you are working with the setup crew earlier in the day in which case lunch will be provided. Food trucks will be onsite to purchase food if you need more substantial options.


Paid parking is available in South Lake Union, but will be very limited.

Volunteers are highly encouraged to ride light rail or public transportation to Lake Union Park.