Athletics Volunteers

Use the following information to learn more about the details of your volunteer position.  

Job Descriptions


  • General volunteers-will float between positions and be assigned as needed.
  • Officials Support Team-will ensure that officials have any supplies needed during competition. You may be asked to run results, escort officials to their field position, etc.
  • Staging Team-assist with staging the athletes on their pre-competition are before they are escorted to their start positions.
  • Athlete Escort and Basket Carriers will assist with escorting athletes from the staging area to their competition start locations. Athletes may put shoes and clothing into baskets which will be retrieved after their event.
  • Field Event Support Team-assist officials with starting, measuring, documenting results from the field sports such as discus, javelin, long jump, standing long jump, etc.

Athletics positions consist of jobs that support the staging, competition, and movement of the athletes.  Competition announcers, results runners, IT support, hydration team and officials support team will support the event as defined by the job title. All positions can be instructed

Athletics Track Events include:

  • 50m
  • 100m
  • 400m
  • 800m
  • 1500m
  • 3,000m

Athletics field events include:

  • Running Long Jump
  • Softball Throw
  • Shotput
  • Pentathlon
  • Standing Long Jump
  • Mini Javelin


Paid parking is available at the University of Washington $6 all day in the E-1 Husky Football Parking Lot.  

Volunteers are encouraged to ride light rail or are welcome to access any of the paid lots available on campus that day.