Group Volunteer Toolkit

The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games is thrilled to offer your group the opportunity to join the excitement as volunteers at the Games. Here are some tips to registering your group.

Small Groups (15 people or less): One person can register here and once "confirmed" on the final step choose to "Add Another Person".  In this way, you can register your entire small group and act as the point person for communications.  Each person must attend a training session. Release of liability waivers will be sent in the spring prior to training sessions.

Add Another Member.JPG

Medium Sized Group (10-25 people): You can select a shift where you want to work together, send everyone the registration link and ask each person to log in and choose the same shift.  In the profile page, there is a field to enter "Company or Group."  This is where everyone can identify themselves as part of your company, club or group.

Large Group (25 people or more): Contact the 2018 USA Games Volunteer Department to coordinate the best system for registration by clicking here.


How To Get The Word Out

1. Promote the Opportunity - access our printable posters either as PDF’s online or request an 11”x17” poster in full-color hard-copy. Post them in various locations around your offices or corporate campus including break-rooms, lunch rooms, office doors, etc. OR download the poster and circulate it electronically through in-house communication platforms here.

2. Get Group Excited - by helping them understand the Special Olympics movement and more about the USA Games. Host a brown bag lunch and invite a representative from the Special Olympics USA Games to give first-hand information about the opportunities.

3. Spark Some Competition - challenge teams, departments or individuals to register the most volunteers.

4. Recruit Champions - seek out those inside your group who are already engaged with Special Olympics and ask them to help you with the recruiting efforts. If you have a member who will be participating, be sure to ask them to help promote the opportunities.

5. Make it a family affair - offer it as a day when group members or employees are invited to volunteer with their families.

6. Turn it into team-building - Offer the day to department leads as a team building exercise with an opportunity to report back and share the experience.

7. Advertise Volunteer Benefits - if your company offers a matching program, paid time-off to volunteer or any other sort of benefit for their volunteer hours, remind employees of this additional benefit and how to access it through in-house portals. Talk about company employee engagement goals and how the USA Games will fit into those 2018 targets.

8. Create Social Media Buzz - promote USA Games volunteer opportunities through social media buzz then allow members or employees to share their meaningful USA Games experiences through corporate social media sites. Use social media to start the conversation about social impact and broadcast how many total hours your group dedicates to the USA Games. We will provide these numbers to you immediately following the Games.

9. Capture the images - Send an official photographer or videographer along as part of the team to capture images of your team’s efforts during the Games. Create a virtual experience for those who can’t attend. Celebrating and reporting about your team's engagement is part two of the equation.

10. Finally - encourage your champions and celebrate those superstar volunteers after the Games.

To schedule a brown bag lunch contact Director of Volunteers, Karlan Jessen