2018 Special Olympics USA Games Appoints Sports Commissioners And Technical Delegates 

SEATTLE – October 4, 2017 – The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games announced today the lineup of sports commissioners and technical delegates for next year’s USA Games. The sports commissioners (SC) and technical delegates (TD) work hand-in-hand to ensure all aspects of the 14 individual and team competitions at the 2018 USA Games are properly and safely executed, and in compliance with the rules of Special Olympics and of each sport’s national governing body.

From July 1-6 2018, more than 4,000 Special Olympics athletes, coaches and representatives from across the U.S., along with tens of thousands of volunteers and spectators, will gather in Seattle for six days of national-caliber competition.

“Our sports commissioners and technical delegates are a dedicated group of volunteers and play a key role in the success of the 2018 USA Games,” said John Borgognoni, senior director of Sports and Programs for the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games. “The leadership and vision they’ve shown in our preliminary planning, and the wealth of knowledge and sport-specific expertise they bring, will elevate the athlete experience and ensure that the athletes have the best conditions possible to compete and excel at the USA Games.”

The sports commissioners and technical delegates for the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games are:

Athletics (Track and Field)

Ginger Quant - SC

Yvonne Grimes - TD


Evan Luckey - SC

Assistant SC: Jill Simmons

Debra Pontenberg - TD

Flag Football

Scott Friberg - SC

Assistant SC: Chris Delaune

Dave Breen - TD


Sam Reed - SC

Assistant SC: Eliot Mar

Charlie Zelinsky - TD

Assistant TD: Jacky Loube


Kevin Hong - SC

Bobbi Hoven - TD


Marcus King - SC

Alana Brahler - TD


Sarah Marshall - SC

Cindy Bickman - TD


Rich Schreiner - SC

Dan Epstein - TD

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Angel Quant - SC

MJ Weibling - TD


Adam Reeb - SC

Nancy Hoekstra - TD


Trevor Leopold - SC

Richard Frazier - TD


John Wright - SC

Andy Dooley - TD


Deb Keane - SC

Cynthia Proell - TD


Shanon Lewis - SC

Daniel Leake - TD

The volunteer sports commissioners all hail from the Pacific Northwest. The technical delegates are Special Olympics volunteers from across the country and were selected through a nationwide search, aided by Special Olympics North America, to find experts in the field.