Steve Largent

steve largent.jpg

RESUME: 14 year NFL career with the Seattle Seahawks. Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 4 term US Congressman from Oklahoma (1994 to 2002).

ON WHY BEING AN AMBASSADOR IS PERSONAL TO HIM: My life changed in a dramatic way when we had our fourth son Kramer. He was born with spina bifida. He was immediately taken to Children’s Hospital for surgery. He’s now 31 years old and married and doing well but he still has difficulties.

I think the Lord opened my eyes to people who face challenges in their life and seek to overcome them. That’s why I love Special Olympics. It provides people with a chance to compete and do the best that they can on a level playing field.

ADVICE FOR COMPETING AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL: You have to compete hard at this level. Part of it is preparation. You have to make sure you’ve in the best shape you can be in. But above all, have fun and enjoy your fellow competitors.

ON THE IMPACT OF THE GAMES IN SEATTLE: Knowing Seattle as I do I know they will embrace the people who are coming to town to compete. Seattle has always been cordial, welcoming, and accepting whenever friends are coming to town.

WHAT SEATTLE SPOT SHOULD PEOPLE VISIT? Go to the waterfront. Visit the Seattle Great Wheel and all the great restaurants down there. It’ll be the summer so there’ll be lots of salmon and fresh fruit to eat. And there’s a lot of historic places on the waterfront as well.