Rainn Wilson


RESUME: Actor, co-founder of Soul Pancake, co-founder of Lidè Haiti.

WHY DID YOU WANT TO BE AN AMBASSADOR? The Special Olympics USA Games bring out the best in humanity. It’s a sure thing and year after year it’s one of the best stories. I love supporting things in Seattle. It’s my hometown and when I was told the Games would be in Seattle I wanted to be a part of it.

ADVICE FOR THE COMPETITORS: It’s something I tell my son. They’re simple words to live by but they’re also demanding words to live by: Always do your best. If you do that, you’ll feel great about anything you do. It has to do with training and preparation, too. But you can’t go wrong if you’ve done your best.

HOW WILL SEATTLE REACT TO THE GAMES? I know the city of Seattle and I know the heart of the city of Seattle and these games are going to be embraced here like nowhere else they’ve ever been held.

WHAT TO DO ON A DAY OFF IN SEATTLE? My favorite thing to do is to take a ferry boat ride to Bremerton. It gives you a great sense of Puget Sound. You get to visit the waterfront, have some fish and chips, and then take a beautiful boat ride where you can take in the scenery and the magic of the Puget Sound. It’s one of my best memories of being a kid in Seattle.