Pete Moran

RESUME: Chief Ideation Officer, ABC Sports Marketing

WHY DID YOU WANT TO BE ON THE BOARD? I’ve been a volunteer for Special Olympics since I was in high school. I love the joy of the athletes and the 2018 USA Special Olympics Games felt like a perfect fit for me.

WHAT SPORTS HAVE YOU PLAYED? Skiing, tennis, and fishing.

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM SPORTS THAT YOU’VE APPLIED TO YOUR CAREER? Never give up. Always scrap. Never let anyone “should” on you. Don’t let people say “you should do this or you should do that.”

WHAT WILL IT MEAN FOR SEATTLE TO HOST THE GAMES? It will mean lots of sunshine in a sometimes rainy place.

WHAT SHOULD ATHLETES SEE WHEN THEY VISIT SEATTLE? They should check out the Space Needle, go for a standup paddle session on Lake Washington or Lake Union, and definitely check out Mt. Rainier. And if you’ve got some extra time take a flight up to Alaska.