Mack Strong


RESUME: 15 year NFL career all with the Seattle Seahawks. Two-time Pro Bowler, 2005 NFL All Pro team, and a member of the Seahawks 35th Anniversary team.

WHY BE AN AMBASSADOR? It’s a great opportunity to encourage the men and women who are so passionate about sports, and competing, and setting goals. To be able to support that made it feel like something I wanted to do.

ADVICE FOR ATHLETES: Ignore the noise. Block out any negativity. Sometimes athletes get stage fright but they need to realize they belong there. They worked really hard to get there and to compete at this level. Go ahead and do it, give your best, and see what happens.

HOW WILL SEATTLE REACT TO THE GAMES? Seattle fans are great. This is a sports town and fans love to see good competition. This will be no different. Fans will see skilled athletes who have competed for a long time doing what they love to do with passion and conviction. That’s inspiring to watch.

WHAT SHOULD ATHLETES AND FAMILIES DO ON A DAY OFF?  Seattle is unlike any place in the country, so while you’re there, enjoy it. Find someplace to go where you can look at the mountains or the water. Go the Pike Place Market and look at the Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains, Mt. Rainier. Soak that stuff in.