Joel Williams

RESUME: Sr Tax Manager, KPMG

WHY DID YOU WANT TO BE ON THE BOARD? Two reasons. One, to give back to the community. The other is more personal. My son is autistic and he participated in Special Olympics a few years ago and I wanted to maintain involvement. This is a great way to do that in a more substantial manner.

WHAT SPORTS HAVE YOU PLAYED? I played football and baseball in high school in Evanston, Illinois. 

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM SPORTS THAT YOU’VE APPLIED TO YOUR CAREER? No man is an island. Teamwork is critical. You have to play until the final whistle and give it your full effort because you never know.

WHAT WILL IT MEAN TO SEATTLE TO HOST THE GAMES? I think it will generate a tremendous amount of good press for the city. The games will really shine a great spotlight on Seattle and its’ openness to diversity and the accepting nature of this city.

WHAT SHOULD THE ATHLETES SEE WHEN THEY VISIT SEATTLE? Certainly they should visit the Space Needle, walk around the water front down by the Great Wheel, and watch the ferries go back and forth from Seattle to their destinations.