Jen Mueller

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RESUME: Sportscaster for ROOT Sports and the Seahawks Radio Network

WHY BE AN AMBASSADOR? I’ve been involved before. I’ve covered the games in Washington for ROOT Sports. I love competition and I love sports so it was a no brainer for me.

ON THE IMPACT OF THE GAMES IN SEATTLE: This is not just a sports proposition. This is a community event with direct impact on business. Fans will be able to watch athletes displaying leadership skills which can positively impact what they are doing in their own lives. This event will have far reaching effects in Seattle beyond just the competition.

ON WHAT FANS CAN EXPECT TO SEE: These athletes compete at a very high level and they spend a lot of time training. You’ll also see the joy of pure competition that is sometimes not as apparent in professional sports. I love pro sports. But this is true, pure competition.

WHAT SEATTLE SPOT SHOULD PEOPLE VISIT? If you’re going to do one thing you should take the Underground Tour. It’s nice way to stay cool on a hot summer day.