H.S. Wright III

RESUME: Founder & Chair, Seattle Hospitality Group

WHY DID YOU WANT TO BE ON THE BOARD? I wanted to provide the best experience for the athletes when they come to Seattle in 2018. My company is pretty deeply woven into the experience of coming to the Puget Sound; everything from tourism to transportation to hotels. This is a fantastic honor for our region to be able to host this event. This is an opportunity for Seattle to really shine. We want to give these athletes and their families a fantastic experience.

WHAT SPORTS DO YOU COMPETE IN? I’m a climber, a hiker, a canoeist, and a kayaker. Anything that gets me outdoors is something I enjoy. I once heard Jim Whitaker say to Warren Miller, “Leave no child indoors.” That’s my philosophy.

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM SPORTS THAT YOU’VE APPLIED TO YOUR CAREER? Failure is acceptable. You learn from it. If you don’t try you won’t succeed. You can’t succeed or fail until you try and you can learn from each of those experiences.

WHAT WILL HOSTING THE GAMES MEAN TO SEATTLE? I think Seattle will be enthusiastic and supportive. Seattle people love outdoor activities and group events and athletic events specifically. I think there will be a fantastic turnout.

WHAT SHOULD ATHLETES SEE AND DO WHILE IN SEATTLE? The best experiences in Seattle are the waterfront, Seattle Center, Pike Place Market and the new Starbucks Roastery on lower Capitol Hill.