Gymnastics: Day 3 Recap

By Mark Moschetti

July 5, 2018

Madeline Csont of New York went double-gold again on Thursday, giving her a sweep of all four events in her division of the gymnastics competition at the Special Olympics USA Games.

Also gathering two golds on the final day of the gymnastics in Seattle Pacific University’s Royal Brougham Pavilion were Sabine Collins of Texas, Krysta Perez of Florida, Morgan Hulteen of New Jersey, Lee Dockins of Kentucky, and Saneatha Trice of Illinois.

Csont, competing in the 22-plus age division at Level 3 for the uneven parallel bars, won that championship with a score of 18.475. Then in the 16-plus age group for the floor, she finished on top with a 15.838.

On Wednesday, Csont won her division on the vault and on the balance beam. She started the competition on Tuesday with a fifth-place all-around finish.

Trice was the only Level 4 competitor in the meet. She scored 18.075 in the floor on 16.85 on the bars, thus matching Csont with four individual event golds.

Dockins, like Csont, won two different Level 3 age groups: 22-plus on the floor with an 18.775, and 16-plus on the bars with a 16.725. Those were added to the all-around she won on Tuesday in the 22-plus age group.

Collins won the 8-15 age group at Level 1 on the bars (18.675) and floor (17.275. She finished her week with four golds, having won the beam on Wednesday and all-around on Tuesday.

Perez finished first on both of Thursday’s events in the 12-15 age group for Level 2, posting an 18.800 on bars and an 18.850 on the floor. She was the all-around winner for that level’s age group on Tuesday.

Hulteen latched onto her first golds of the meet. In the 16-plus age group of Level 2, she earned an 18.300 on the bars and a 17.450 on the floor.

Other Level 1 bars champions on Thursday were Micah Randall of South Carolina in the 8-21 age group (13.975), Sarah Kramer of Minnesota in the 16-21 group (18.550), and Tasha Feigh in the 22-plus group (18.700). Kramer went home with four golds, having already won vault, beam, and all-around. Feigh’s gold was her second, to go along with her vault title.

Joining Collins as Level 1 floor champions were Emily Montgomery of Washington in age 8-21 (15.475), Alexa Stern of North Carolina in 16-21 (16.988), and Jennifer Rhein of Kentucky in 22-plus (19.025). Montgomery also went gold on vault, beam and all-around; Rhein won beam and all-around.

Megan Fernandez of Florida in age 12-21 (17.975) and Devon Anderson of Texas in 22-plus (17.675) were the other Level 2 bars winners. Anderson also won the beam; Fernandez won the vault.

Lexi Myers of South Carolina in 12-21 (16.275) and Tonya Cornett of Kentucky in 22-plus (18.250) were the other Level 2 floor winners. Myers earlier won vault and all-around gold; Cornett was golden in vault, beam, and all-around.

Rhea Alathur of New Jersey in 12-15 (17.650) and Sabrina Meador of Florida in 16-21 (18.450) captured Level 3 bars gold. Alathur swept vault and beam on Wednesday after winning all-around on Tuesday.

Brielle Mulroy of North Carolina in 12-15 (17.825) and Julie Quintero of Florida in 16-21 (19.150) were the other Level 3 floor champions. Quintero also garnered all-around and balance beam gold.