Dave Krieg

RESUME: Played QB for 18 years in the NFL including 11 with the Seattle Seahawks. Member of the Seahawks Ring of Honor.

WHY DID YOU WANT TO BE AN AMBASSADOR? I’ve been involved with Special Olympics as a board member in the state of Arizona. Seeing the smiles and happiness on the face of the competitors is such a gratifying experience.

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR THE ATHLETES? Try your hardest and do your best. This is what you’ve been practicing for so it’s real simple.

HOW WILL SEATTLE REACT TO THE GAMES? In my experience, when people involved in Special Olympics come back from trips they are so excited. They talk about the city and the people they met. Seattle will be a great host and these athletes will talk about the Space Needle, the Pike Place Market, and the trip for the rest of their lives. The people in Seattle will really enjoy it, too.

FAVORITE THING TO DO IN SEATTLE: You can go down to the market and go to the very first Starbucks store. Then go down to the waterfront and visit the aquarium. It would be easy to do both of those things in one day.